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Friday, November 26, 2010


my kakak : emma

she off from her due date sebab her blood pressure 
were in high level. . it could be dangerous the baby . 
 but , in 19:51pm
a cute baby was born and

hahahahahaha . .thank to ALLAH . both saved...
n this post especially dedicated to 
 my lovely sister emma n also her beloved husband bro bulat ,.,

congrats to you all coz got a new baby . . n the first cute little baby girl ever u both got.
its so pleasant with full of joyed that u all brings 
in our family. .

n I've something to tell u that i really love you sebab you la
kakak i yg i paleng syg ,paleng i takot , paleng i respect. n 4 most important 
is u r my truly BEST FRIEND FOREVER .! !

n adek na tell kakak something yg a bit klise but berguna jugak tao . .
hahahaha. . . here. . !

you just got a BABY GIRL ryte, so a baby girl is such a TREASURE.
she will give you so much PLEASURE.
DRESSED her all in PINK !
so that she will make the boys WINK !
hahahaha. .  
i doa kan supaya u n ur baby stay in good n healthy ways . . 
n im always there 4 u . . 

! love adek !

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