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makan makan makan ! as known as PEROTEROMPET . awok tak handal berbahasa INGGERIS . tp awok mencoba sedayanya HAHA.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my new boyfiee

introduce you my new boyfriend ! ouh dear . . you make me melt when first i saw you my love. ohh . hunn. i really do miss your smile babe . HAHAHA. over kan . bia lah. !
haha. this is first of our date ! wah . hoho. love love love. . ! when you came , you were like red wine and honey , and the taste of your burnt my mouth with its sweetness . HAHA. . phuiii
today was a fairytale .HAHA ! those picture are all from my best movie LOVE, NORA ! . i do felt in love with this men and also with this movie. superb ! u all peeps makes me crazy dude .haha . so sweet and simple love story but really mean in my soul babe. HAHA ! muax3. ! this picture when Raul get married with Nora .fuhh. . so sweet and full of romance ! HAHA. . 
ok this is the poster for the movie that i found really fun,sweet,and also makes me cried all the way along the movie were shown. like shit dude. but i admit it that i dah MENANGIS derrr ! HAHA . . 

for one more things is all characters are really good in their own possi ! seriously ! ENJOYED !!!!!!!  

p/s : ak nanges sebab laki ak pon ade cam tuh gak kadang n plus time ak tgk setoli nie laki ak boleh lak tgl ak sengsorang. KEMPIT tol . hinyott. . k la daaa. 



zumiela7 said...

nie sume penangan love, nora la nie...!!!

mrs ahyip said...


didi chann said...

best ke ?

mrs ahyip said...

best gile best best best !!!!hahahahahahaha. .